What is ER?

Among the challenges of English Language education to learners of English as a second language and a medium of instruction in schools is the lack of a reading culture. To address this challenge, learners need exposure to language in its natural context in order to understand how language works in extended discourses in other subjects of the curriculum that are taught in English as well as STEM education. Extensive Reading is one of the activities that can be used to enhance language acquisition that is instrumental in understanding STEM related concepts. STEM concepts are learnt through the English Language and English language provides the contexts for learning STEM concepts.  In this way STEM education becomes beneficial to language learning, as language learning also improves STEM education, thus the symbiotic relationship between language learning and STEM education. 



  1. What is Extensive Reading?
  2. Why is the importance of Extensive Reading?
  3. What are Graded Readers?
  4. What are the benefits of using Graded Readers?
  5. How do we plan and set up and implement an Extensive Reading program?
  6. How can teachers evaluate Extensive Reading?
  7. Commonly asked questions by teachers about Extensive Reading.